Who we are

Will, Fin, Michael and Ewen - all keen brewers with many years of practice

Our goal is to source as much as we can local to the Bungo and supply local off licence and pubs. So we can give guaranteed fresh and local beer the way we love to consume it.


Great to see some positive feedback.

Our New Zealand Pilsner

Labels for our New Zealand Pilsner

Great to see such a positive response and feedback. Click to see if it is in stock at the Wee Beer Shop

Our Barrel Aged English Barley Wine

Barley wine

Given how well our homebrewed barley wine is tasting, we'd be mad not to do a commercial batch. So we are!

Kegs of Pilsner at Ride Brew Co

Ride is packaging our second batch

Ride Brewing Co has been a great assist to us with advice and providing a canning service.